DeadDollDonor is a captivating theatrical industrial horror band that delves into the macabre, crafting their imagery, lyrics, and personas from the darkest realms of art and culture. Established in 2019, the band is fronted by a ghastly and intriguing ensemble, featuring a decaying corpse, a radiation demon, a sentient doll, a swine creature, and a monstrous arachnid.


Since its inception, DeadDollDonor has left an indelible mark on the horror music scene. The band has successfully released an EP titled "Filthy," along with two Albums, namely "Synthetic Sickness" and "Odds of End." Additionally, they have treated their audience to a handful of chilling singles, each a testament to their unique fusion of theatricality, industrial soundscapes, and horror aesthetics.


Notably, DeadDollDonor has ventured into the visual realm, creating a haunting music video for their song "Mindbender." This twisted art piece adds an extra layer to their immersive experience. Step into the twisted world of DeadDollDonor for a musical and visual journey that transcends the ordinary and plunges into the eerie depths of the extraordinary.